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RIUH Curates

What is RIUH Curates?

RIUH Curates is a service by RIUH for partners whom would like to hold their events/engagements with a creative and experiential twist. Through RIUH Curates, the well-loved RIUH vibes are maintained by infusingthe few elements from signature RIUH's which comprises of pop-up stores, food, retail, creative workshops and live acts, but translated into a customised version. 

Where did the idea for RIUH Curates originate? 

Through the success of RIUH, an encouraging amount of interest expressed by third parties was garnered. Interests all of which promoted the idea of producing another product that meets the demand, a customized version of RIUH that reflects the partners’ organization as well as meets the key objectives. 

Apart from adding value for partners, RIUH Curates will be another avenue to provide opportunity for the creative ecosystem which includes but not limited to the makers, musicians, artists and organizations. 

Who is behind RIUH Curates?

The team behind RIUH Curates is the same team that works on RIUH. This is so that we are able to reflect the RIUH flavour that people have grown to love with RIUH Curates as well. 

What are the projects that RIUHCurates have worked on? 

The first project was for Taylor’s University’s Open Day also known as Taylor’s Future Movement. RIUH Curates infused the well-loved elements of pop-ups, food, live acts as well as workshops catered for a slightly different demographic with the same love for creativity. 

Ketuk-Ketuk Festival for Ecoworld’s Anak-Anak Malaysia Walk was the second venture for RIUH Curates. It emphasised the love and celebration of Malaysia through the selection of local goods, food, live acts, workshops, activities as well as special exhibits. 

Is RIUH Curates open to exploring other opportunities that don’t necessarily follow a similar concept as RIUH? 

As long as it champions creativity, which has always been RIUH’s cause, we are open to discussing ideas and making things work!   

How does RIUH Curates work with partners?  

Upon understanding the goals and vision of partners, the team then works towards bringing the ideas to life from the stages of conceptualization right to execution, dependent on their requirements. 


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